R & D

Are you have a problem with developing new product? Or, would you like to add on new characteristic to your products? Specialist academic staffs are waiting to help you.


Would you like to build new production processes by yourself? Specialist in the field of our academic staffs are waiting to help you.

Natural Products

Additive-Free Natural Herbal Products, Extracts, and Essential Oils.

NBM Laboratory

Analysis and Method Developing for Natural Products...

R & D
Project preparation :

R&D oriented projects done in cooperation with national and international industries are guided by our experienced academic staff

Technic Support :

To solving industrial problems technical research and support are provided.

Design of herbal extract production processes :

All required laboratorial work, analyses, equipment design and selection, feasibility study, and whole necessary research and development studies...

Essential oil production :

All required laboratorial work analyses, equipment design and selection, feasibility study, convenient plant research, and further analyses...

Services about problem solving and new product development in the Project basis :

Development and characterization of Research and development studies, material and biomaterial for all requirements of Food, chemical and medicine industry.

Our Consulting Services.
Project Consulting :
  • Project consulting actualisation with experienced academical staff.
  • Technical Services.
  • Design of Herbal Extract production processes.
  • Production of Essential oil
  • Services for Project basis problem solving and new products development.

Natural Products
Additive-Free Products:
  • Powder and Liquid extracts
  • Natural Food Supplements
  • Natural Essential Oils
  • Product Details
NBM Laboratory
Laboratorial Services :
  • Quantitative and qualitative Method development with HPLC ve TLC
  • Total phenol determination (Follin method)
  • Total Antioxidant capacity determination.
  • Microbiological Analyses.
  • Anti-microbial test (Disc Diffusion method).
  • Minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) determination.
  • Biodegradability Test (OECD 301)
  • NBM Lab for more

Why you should choose US?

Our specialist staffs is fully qualified to answer your needs.

We are presenting an unreachable experience to you our research and development past.

We are provided to you and your organisation by efficient business model with partners in academical area.


  • Problems Solving during Production.
  • Successful Production Systems.
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Increase of yield of Production
  • Decrease of Operational Cost
  • Prevention of Business blindness
  • New equipment design
  • Rapid Feedbacks

Natural Product

  • Desired Production with Correct Raw material.
  • Products of Corresponding all required specification.
  • Proper Reporting to quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • Responsible and Fast servicing.
  • Studies for quality of the product

Research & Development

  • Realistic and Innovative solutions.
  • New study areas.
  • New approaches for Medicine and Food industry.
  • 100% improving activities.
  • Effective research studies.
  • Large scale oriented pilot systems.
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