NPRO Natural Product

NPRO CONSULTING NATURAL AND HERBAL BIOTECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS COSMETIC Co. was founded in Ege University Technology Development Zone in December 2016, and carry out R&D studies especially production of herbal phytochemicals, purification and development of encapsulation technologies and its industrial applications.

Our Company keep going required pilot plant researches for getting industrial production scale that we have carried out laboratorial researches.

The main aim of our company is to produce of herbal extracts and essential oils with maximum product quality (maximum bioactivity) and optimization in process condition and to make optimum designs for industrial productions by using completely organic raw materials and contributive materials.

NPRO Natural Products adopts the principle of conducting R&D projects and consulting academic staff and other researchers high technology institution, and operating in technology developement zones with well educated and expert crew of NPRO.


Our vision is making investment our technology to improve high added-value for our customers and ourselves.


Our mission is being first preferred for Natural and Organic production industry with productive and environment-friendly working and reformist, customer oriented approach at the World.

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